Scunci Steam Cleaner

The Scunci Steam Cleaner is another great cleaning tool to have around the house. It is a great multipurpose cleaning device you will learn to love. I use it often to keep my house sanitary and sparkling.

The Scunci is a handheld steam cleaner. Just fill the reservoir with distilled water, let it heat up for about five minutes, and you will have some high power cleaning steam at the press of a button. One tank of water has about 20 minutes of steam. Usually more than enough for most jobs.

The steam is good for killing mold, bacteria, dust mites, odors, and it cuts through grease better than most commercial cleaners. It has so many uses around the house I can't possibly list them all here but I'll try.

Here are a few things I used my Scunci for:
  • Cleaning the kitchen sink
  • Cleaning stuffed animals
  • Cleaning children's plastic toys
  • Cleaning the high chair
  • Removing wallpaper
  • Cleaning the grill
  • Cleaning the shower
  • Ironing laundry
  • Freshening bedding and pillows
  • Sanitizing toilets
  • I'll stop here but there are many more

The Scunci does many of these tasks better than any other product I have tried. When cleaning the high chair, the steam really gets into all the cracks and crevices and cleans them out like nothing else. For stuffed animals, the steam gets deep into them, freshens them, and kills any germs that may be lurking. Steam cleaning the hard plastic blocks and toys has kept my kids from giving each other their colds many times. I love this product.

When using the Scunci you have to remember a few things. ALWAYS USE DISTILLED WATER! If you use tap water the deposits in there will clog it up and ruin it. I read many reviews when I researched this that said it blew up after three uses. It was because they used tap water. Be careful using this product, as the high pressure steam that comes out is very hot and can cause severe burns. Also plan ahead with you cleaning tasks as changing the different cleaning tips can be time consuming because you have to let the unit cool down to safely change them.

I highly recommend the Scunci Steam Cleaner. We have had ours for several years and we keep finding uses for it. It does many jobs better than anything else and I really like the fact that I can clean without using harsh chemicals. Steam's deodorizing abilities will leave your house smelling fresh, and the cleaning power will leave it sparkling.

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