Save Your Small Garden from Critters

We recently post an article, The Bunnies Keep Eating My Plants, about using Shake-Away to protect your gardens. However, if you have a very small garden, such as my wife's herb garden, there is a very simple technique to protect your plants from small animals. My father was getting very upset with the local rabbits eating his plants. Instead of buying commercial products like Shake-Away or putting up those little wire fences, he bought two large fake ceramic planters. They were under $20 each and he bought them at his local mega-grocery store. Place large rocks or brinks in the bottom to reduce the amount of topsoil required and fill to about 1/2 inch from the top with a good topsoil. Plant you small garden as usual. The planters should be at least 18-24 inches tall. This is a great way to protect your plants, not terrify your local wildlife, and with a good eye for color and style, the planters can add beauty and a sense of whimsy to your garden!
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