Removing Wax From Carpet

I love candles. I find the ambiance they create and the smells they emit fantastic. I even started making my own candles a few years ago. I have, while melting some wax, spilled it on my carpet. To remove wax from carpet, gently remove as much wax as possible using a dull knife or similar object. Do not pull up the fibers and threads of the carpet as this can lead to a bald spot. Once you have removed as much wax as you can, cover the spot with a piece of brown paper bag. Run a warm iron over the bag. This softens the wax which will adhere to the paper bag. Remove the bag and repeat as necessary. Be careful of the iron's temperature. If you let it get too hot it will burn the carpet. A warm hair dyer and some paper towels (or even newspaper) will work as well.
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