Removing Oil-Based Paint from Clothing

Last year I bought two new pairs of jeans. They fit great and were still a solid color when I decided to paint the doors on my garage. I (as always) was extremely careful covering all areas to not be painted. I also practiced very careful brush strokes to keep the paint on the brushes. The door came out great. I didn't get a drop on me until I was cleaning up my drop-cloth and it rubbed paint directly onto my pants. To remove the paint, act fast and blot, don't rub. If you rub the stain it will only get forced deeper into the cloth. Apply a small amount of paint thinner or alcohol to a clean cloth and test on the inside seem of one of your pant legs to make sure it doesn't damage the color or the fabric. Once you have spot treated the area and the paint begins to soften, remove the remainder of the paint by agitating it in a solution of water and a strong liquid detergent. Once the majority of the paint has been removed, launder immediately. This will remove the final paint residue and all of the solvents.
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