Removing Cigarette Burns in Carpet

To remove cigarette burns in carpet you will need the following:
  • Small pair of scissors or razor blade
  • Tweezers
  • Extra carpet fibers
  • Elmer's glue
  • Heavy book

Cut away the burnt fibers using the scissors or razor blade. Cut full length fibers from a carpet remnant that are the required length to fill in the hole. Place a generous amount of glue into the hole and use the tweezers to place each individual fiber until the hole is filled. Place the book on the area and leave covered for several days. After the glue has fully dried removed the book. You may need to cut the newly placed fibers to match the length of the surrounding carpet fibers.

The down side to this method is that it can leave a hard area in the carpet that will be noticeable when you walk over the area with bare feet. Here is an earlier tip that you might want to try, Removing Burn Marks From Carpet.

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