Quick Air Conditioner Tips

Its summer and its hot. Your AC has been running constantly. Here are a few tricks to keeping it running as efficiently as possible. First, turn off the unit at both the thermostat and at your circuit panel. We don't want anyone getting electrocuted! Second, change the air filter. This should be done every month. A dirty or clogged filter strains the unit and will cause early failure. Third, vacuum out the drain line that comes out of the unit with a wet/dry vacuum. If you can, remove the drain line and run a mixture of water with a little bleach through the line. Rinse the line with clean water to remove the bleach. Reattach the drain once it has dried. Fourth, clean the condenser unit that is outside using your garden hose and a high-pressure spray nozzle. You are trying to remove the dirt and debris that builds up on these units over time. The dirtier the fins, the less efficient the unit. Also, remove any and all branches and weeds that are growing near the unit. Finally, wrap all exposed hard lines coming from the condenser with adhesive foam. It is available at most hardware or home improvement stores. This will also help the unit maintain its efficiency and keep your home nice and cool. Turn the breaker back on and reset the thermostat. Try to make regular care of your AC a spring-time tradition.
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