Kitchen Cleaning Week Recap

Here are some of the kitchen cleaning tips we posted this week:

Stop Refrigerator Odors - A through cleaning always help keep the fridge fresh.

Fruit Fly Problem? - Now you know where they come from, and how to stop them.

Get Cleaner Dishes From Your Dishwasher - The solid Jetdry really does work better.

Cleaning Grout in your Kitchen - Give this a try in the bathroom too.

Cleaning and Caring For Granite Countertops - Be sure to protect your investment. Treated correctly granite counter tops can last a lifetime.

Clean Your Dishwasher - Icky dishwasher equals icky dishes!

Stop The Spread Of Food Born Illnesses - Very basic info that could save your life.

Removing Tea or Coffee Stains From Countertops - I can forget this tip once I beat my addiction to coffee.

Cleaning Tile Counter Tops and Back Splashes - Clean tile looks so nice in the kitchen.

Turn Your Yellowing Appliances White Again - Turn back the clock on your appliances.

Keep your Kitchen Trash Can Fresh - Nothing kills my appetite more then the smell of trash.

Homemade Oven Cleaner - Fight the nasty stains in your oven without harsh chemicals.

Easy Microwave Cleaning - This one is so simple and works on regular ovens too.

Freshen your Kitchen in 30 Seconds - I love the smell of oranges.

Removing Stains From Granite Countertops - Keep your granite looking like new for years to come.

Cleaning Burner Pans - If baked on stains have blackened your burner pans, give these tips a try.
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