Home Remedies To Get Rid of Ants For Good

Ants are some of the craftiest bugs I know of. They seem to be able to get anywhere they want, and some forms can be destructive. Here are some natural ways to get rid of ants without the use of dangerous chemicals or poisonous traps:

  • Salted cucumber peelings are said to repel ants. Just place them where you see them. I would do this outside as not to attract other things into your house.
  • White pepper, red pepper, or sage are said to repel ants also.
  • Mothballs may also work.
  • Apples will kill an ant colony. Cut up an apple or leave the peels or the leftover core near the entry to the colony. The ants will take it back killing the queen.
  • Mixing borax with honey, maple syrup, butter, or lard will also kill an ant colony. You'll have to test each as some ants like sweets and others like greasy foods. You can leave the mixture in a bowl or on the ground.
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