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This week was homemade cleaner week. Homemade cleaners can be quite handy. In a pinch you can mix a few household items together saving a trip to the store and sometimes what got dirty. I find my self using more homemade cleaners because of the cost savings over commercial cleaners and their ability to be tailored to the task at hand. If you missed any of them this week here is a quick reference:

Easily Clean Your Shower with this homemade cleaner plus a few tips to make your shower cleaning go a little quicker.

Homemade vomit carpet and upholstery cleaner is indispensable. It not only cleans many of the stains left behind from vomit, but also the smell.

Homemade glass cleaner works as good as the stuff you buy at the store, but cost about 1/2 as much.

Homemade oven cleaner will help keep your oven clean without making food taste funny the next time you use it.

Homemade tough stain carpet remover has saved my carpets several times. Give it a try and let me know your results.

Next time you have a pet accident or smelly stain give my homemade odor remover a try. It'll freshen your day.

Keep the shocking moments away from your family with the homemade static destroyer.

Homemade floor cleaner will make quick work of your laminate floors. No more mop and bucket please.
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