A Better Glass Cleaning Cloth

There are almost as many glass cleaning clothes on the market as there are glass cleaning solutions. We all know that using most normal cleaning rags, paper towels or any random disposable paper product will leave numerous little bits of lint all over the surface. This goes double for mirrors because.... well... it's a mirror. Once, in desperation (due to impending company), I used toilet paper. Bad plan!

Well, if you're looking to save money or have run out of whatever microfiber clothes you prefer, here is a fabulous solution. Coffee filters. I am completely serious. They're cheap. They're in almost every household. And.... they work! Coffee filters, when used in tandem with any glass cleaner, will leave no lint and no streaks. They can also be used to clean TV and computer monitors. With electronics, be sure to spray your cleaning solution directly onto the cloth and not the screen.

I prefer to save money and stick to the filters. But, if you're fond of you're current product, stick with it. Just keep in mind that if you run out, go pillage the kitchen cabinet.

Check out our homemade glass cleaner to save even more money keeping your reflective surfaces reflecting.
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