Microfiber mop, cleaning tool of the 21st centry

The microfiber cloth is one of my favorite cleaning tools. A high quality Microfiber Mop can keep your Pergo laminated wood flooring looking like new. I use my homemade floor cleaner and my Microfiber Mop almost daily to keep the floors clean. Between the dog, cat and kids there seems like an endless stream of dirt collecting on the floor. I just spray a little of the floor cleaner on the floor and with a few swipes of the mop the dirt is gone and my floor is left sparkling.

The mop is very easy to care for also. The microfiber cloths are easy to remove and I have found that I can use generic cloths; however, the special microfiber cloths that come with the mop fit better. You only get two with the mop and I find myself running out of clean cloths too fast. I bought several 20 packs of cloths from Sam's Club for around $12 each which is much cheaper then the one's made specifically for the mop. The generic ones take a little more work to get onto the mop but the cost savings are worth it for me. The generic cloths also have many more uses around the house.

Every week I just do a load of them in the laundry. They wash up just like any terrycloth towel, but be sure not to use any fabric softener on them. The fabric softener will take away the static cling that makes these work like magic.

This is the best mop I have ever owned. I am glad I no longer have to deal with the mop and bucket routine. It always took much longer for the floor to dry and the dripping water always seemed to make more of a mess somewhere else. I highly recommend trying microfiber, you won't be disappointed.

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