Homemade static destroyer

Static electricity is a real problem around our house every winter.  As the air becomes dry from our gas furnace the static starts to shock us all.  It can get so bad that sometimes I am afraid to turn off the lights because I know I am going to get zapped.  You know you need to prevent static electricity when you can see those blue electric arcs every time you get near something metal.  And boy do they sting.

Stop Static Cling and Prevent Static From Coming Back
The best home remedy I have found for static electricity is to mix a small spray bottle with the following:
  • 1 part liquid fabric softener 
  • 15 parts water
After you have your spray bottle lightly mist staticy carpets and fabrics.  I try to do it late at night to let the mixture dry overnight as it seems to last longer that way, especially on carpets.  This usually will eliminate static for around 4 weeks unless the area has a lot of traffic.  Our microfiber couch usually needs sprayed every other week from December through March.  I also use this stuff on my work trousers and keep a small spray bottle of it at the office to help with static cling while I'm at work. 

Other Methods to Remove Static
Static is often caused by low humidity in your house.  If you have flat floor registers or flat air returns you can put a cup or bowl of water in it to help increase the humidity.  We use a humidifier and it works very well at keeping the static away.  It always amazes me how fast the water disappears from the humidifier tank.  It is sometimes hard to believe how many gallons of water is just in the air in your house.

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