Sanitize and Disinfect With Steam

In my post The Great Big Green Lie I wrote about how green cleaners do not disinfect. My favorite way to disinfect and sanitize my home is with steam. I have been using a Scunci Steam Cleaner for years to do just that. Steam is a wonderful sanitizer and is friendly to the environment. One of the best locations to use a steam cleaner is the toilet. The steam really gets into all those cracks and crevices around where the seat hinges meet the bowl. I haven't found anything that can clean that area better. We use it every week to sanitize our kitchen sink, as many things like to grow there. Steam will also cut grease very well. Open up the top cover to your stove and watch that black stuff just melt away. Remember to use distilled water in your steam cleaner to make sure it lasts a long time.
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