Just a Few Cat Tips!

When I got married, I gained not only a wonderful wife, but I also gained a cat. It took a few treat sessions for him to warm up to me, but we are friends now. My first cat tip is to get a LitterMaid or other automatic cat box. When they first came out they were very expensive, but we got ours at Target for under $100. I'll bet they're even cheaper now. They are easier to clean and keep the smell down because they automatically put the clumps in a closed container that you simply replace when it is full. Second, if the smell is getting to you, or company is coming over, dust your litter box with baking soda. Finally, no matter what type of litter box that you have, place a door mat or carpet swatch under the box. Make sure that it sticks out from the box at least a foot on all sides. This will keep your cat from tracking the litter all over your home.
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