Clean Those Hard To Reach Places Without Hurting Your Back

One of the toughest places I have to clean is the tile behind the bathtub in our master bathroom. I either have to crawl into the tub or really stretch to get back there. I don't like to be in the tub when I clean, as it can get pretty slippery and we all know that too many home accidents happen in the tub or shower. Leaning over to get back there isn't good for my back either. I use a toilet brush to help me get back there. Just buy an extra one next time you go to the store. It would be gross to use your real one and they only cost about $2. The other trick I use is to cover the end with a microfiber cloth which I secure using a rubber band. That way I can spray my cleaner on one side, scrub, then flip over the brush to clean up the cleaner and polish with the clean side. The bristles on the brush have just the right amount of spring and stiffness to give you some extra leverage.
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