Making Your Own Candles

I have told you before that my wife and I are big fans of candles. When it gets cold outside, we tend to light a handful of candles to add a feeling of warmth and they fill our home with wonderful smells. There is only one problem with candles, they get expensive quick. Especially the really good ones that don't just smell like soap. We decided to try to make our own to control the cost. I have to tell you, it is really easy and very inexpensive. There are just a couple of tricks that will save you a ton of time and trouble. First, soy-based candles are the easiest to make, the basic ingredient is cheap, and they are safer than the gel-based candles to burn. We get our soy candle base from a local candle-making shop, but it is available at most craft stores. Second, always buy pre-made wicks. They are cheap and will save you a ton of time trying to get them right. Thirdly, only buy scents that are especially made for candle-making, you are going to burn what you make, don't risk adding something flammable to your candles.

To make the candles is simple. Using a hot glue gun, attach the wick to the bottom of the candle container. Failure to do this will cause it to float when you pour in the candle wax. Then, in a Pyrex measuring bowel, melt the soy wax pellets in your microwave. Add more soy as the pellets melt to arrive at the desired amount of liquid for your container that will hold the candle. Once the pellets have completely melted, stir in your favorite scents and pout into the container. Support the end of the wick until the wax begins to set. I found that the dozen or so sets of chopsticks that have filled one of my kitchen cabinets worked great to stir the wax and also provided the right size support for my wicks by simply laying them across the top of the candle container. Also, the chopsticks were free from my local favorite Chinese restaurant and they are disposable. Make sure that you clean the Pyrex bowel the second that you have finished pouring the candle, once the wax sets fully it because a huge chore to clean. Once the candle has completely cooled, light and enjoy!
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