Weekly web roundup 2

Here are some of the tips I ran across this week that I though you might find useful:

Energy-saving tips can save you money as temperatures rise - Article has some good tips on saving on your air conditioning bill. I installed a programmable thermostat a few years back and it has saved several times what it cost.

Patio cleaning tips - With summer in full swing, here are four tips to help you spruce up your patio for your next barbecue. The article says to wash your plastic furniture with a mild soap. I really like Simple Green for cleaning our patio furniture. It works great on plastic kids toys.

Quick Tip: Reuse Nylon Mesh Bags - I tried this today and it worked great. Give it a try on dried on food stains on the counter or table.

Chester's Clean House Rewind: Polish your silver with zero effort - This is one of my favorite tips.
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