Different Types of Wardrobes for More Bedroom Storage

I constantly run out of storage room in my bedroom. My closet is very shallow and can barely hold my suits and hanging clothes, much less my wife’s. When we got married we inherited two dressers, one large, one quite small. My wife uses the smaller of the two and I quickly overloaded the largest. The problem with dressers is the fact that you cannot hang cloths to keep them from getting wrinkled. This is what started my quest for the best wardrobe for our needs and for the different needs of our readers.

I was surprised by how many different types of wardrobes existed!

First of all, there are many fairly inexpensive wardrobes commercially available. My brother and his wife bought the IKEA Hopen wardrobe system with two vertical storage units and one horizontal storage unit that they placed in the middle for shoes and folded clothes. This was a great wardrobe for their needs, but is simply too large for what I needed. My wife and I have a fairly small bedroom. We need to find the best wardrobe for our limited space that fits are needs. Here is how I broke down the floor space verses clothes needs wardrobe options.

First, determine the amount of hanging clothes space that you require. This is determined by how many hanging items that you have multiplied by their average horizontal space requirements. My hanging clothes require an average of two and a half inches of horizontal space to not become wrinkled. So my calculation was 15 articles of clothing times two and a half inches or 37.5 inches of horizontal hanging space. I also needed room for my folded winter sweaters and fleeces. This means that I also needed a large shelving area. I started shopping for different wardrobes that could meet our needs.

After an exhaustive search, here is what I found. There are a number of wardrobes that are designed to fit in corners. This would be fantastic for us, given our limited space, but all of the different corner models that I found have very limited space for hanging clothes. What I decided on was the 48” Ameriwood Oak Wardrobe. The wardrobe provides over 46” of hanging clothes space and the price was right around $200, which was the limit that I allowed myself to spend. It has adjustable shelves for my folded clothes and has two separate areas for hanging clothes so that I can separate my pants and shirts and jackets. I also was able to purchase it at our local Meijer store so that I didn’t have to wait.

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