How to Maintain Your Carport

When you don’t have any extra room in your garage, a carport is a great way to protect your assets from the weather. A sturdy carport can extend the life of any vehicle and can make it a lot nicer to get into in the winter months. However, once your carport starts to show its age, they can become eyesores very quickly.

There are multiple types of structures that you can use as a carport. Many steel, aluminum, and plastic pre-formed kits exist to help you construct one quickly and cheaply. If you live in a home with an older carport, it most likely constructed of wood or wood and metal. A wood constructed carport requires more maintenance than a metal one, but can easily be maintained with minimal effort.

To really keep your carport looking its best, I recommend getting a power washer.

If you have a wooden carport, the power washer is great for quick cleanups even in the tallest parts of your carport. They can blast away grime and loose paint, which comes in very handy when you plan on repainting. It is very important to keep up the paint on your carport. Without the paint, the wooden structure will be susceptible to bugs and rot. A power washer is also a great investment for metal carport owners as well. They are also great at removing the startup bird nests that are always showing up in the rafters or the roofing of your carport. If you cannot afford a power washer for your carport, a bucket of soapy water and a good, long-handled brush will do a great job.

If you have trees around your carport, you may begin to see mold and mildew building up on the roof. Put on some clothes that you care nothing about and get the sturdiest ladder that you own. If you can safely set up scaffolding alongside your carport, this will save you some time. Now mix one part bleach to ten parts of water in a large bucket. Scrub the roof of your carport with the mixture and a stiff brush. Rinse with a lot of water.

It you get oil stains on the concrete floor in your carport; use our tip for Removing Oil Stains from your Driveway.
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