Safety Tips for Shoveling Snow

Every year that we get heavy snow I am reminded of all of the heart attacks that occur from snow shoveling. I personally know two families that have lost a love one, who appeared in good health, to a heart attack while shoveling. I always worry about my dad, though I'm very glad his new place has a short drive! Why is shoveling snow so dangerous? Simple, because of the cold temperatures, your blood vessels shrink restricting blood flow. This causes your heart to have to work harder than usual. Next add in some extremely strenuous exercise like shoveling heavy snow. Persons with blood pressure issues or known heart issues should use extreme caution when shoveling. You may not feel as tired or sore when you are shoveling because the cold becomes a constant irritant, so take lots of breaks. Get a shovel that is made for a person your size. Don't race or attempt to shovel too much snow. Put your hands at least 10-12 inches apart to get better leverage. Spray your snow shovel with some lubricant to help the snow slide off easier. If you feel week or tired, stop, get warmed up and rest until you are sure that you are alright. Also, never turn down help! If your kids want to help, let them!
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