The Germiest Places in Your House

In the last few weeks, the swine flu as started to spread throughout North America and the world. The World Health Organization has raised alert level of a pandemic to 5 out of 6. Many people are worried about how this flu is spread. Don't forget that you can kill the flu virus easily. The more difficult task is finding where it hides. Here are my top 7 places that germs like to hide in your house and office:
  1. Door Knobs
  2. Light Switches
  3. Appliance Handles
  4. The Telephone
  5. Faucets
  6. TV Remote
  7. Computer Keyboard and Mouse

Everyone in my household uses and touches these items everyday. Whenever someone gets sick, I always try to keep these clean using a bleach wipe or spray with Lysol. I have two school age children and have not been sick in over a year. Cleaning these basic areas and obsessive hand washing have been my recipe for success. Sadly, my wife hasn't been so lucky.

Think about the things your family uses everyday and remember to clean those with extra care. For further information on how to kill the flu and germs read our tips on how to kill the flu virus and germs.

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