Where to Buy Urea Furtilizer

I have received several emails asking where to buy Urea Fertilizer. We bought a five pound bag years ago at our local drug store, but the larger chains don't seem to carry it. You can buy it from Amazon.com for a good price even with shipping. Since you only use about a teaspoon every other week per pot, 5 pounds will last a long time.

UPDATE:  I have gotten a lot of emails asking what  is urea , what is urea fertilizer is used for, why use urea and why to buy urea.  Here is a quick rundown of what urea is and what it does.

Urea is an organic compound sometimes called carbamide.  It occurs naturally as a product from the metabolization of protein in animals.  Urea was the first organic compound that was synthesized by using non organic materials.  This breakthrough happened in the 1820's.  What is so special about non organic urea is that it is water soluble.  This makes is a really good fertilizer.  Just one tablespoon to about one quart of water will keep a house plant or flowering plants blooming and growing for about a month.  It is also very inexpensive.  If you compare it's results and price verses commercial fertilizers, urea wins hands down.  Get those flowers growing and use some urea.
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